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Slovenian Environment Agency - Web CDS
The Catalogue of Data Sources on the Environment - CDS (KPV) provides an overview of the data collected and stored by the Slovenian authorities and institutions. The KPV is a way to fulfil the requirements of the Slovenian Environmental Protection Act (Ur.l. RS, No. 41/04), the Directive 2003/4/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on Public Access to Environmental Information, and also of the Act on the Access to Information of Public Character (Ur.l. RS, No. 24/2003).

The KPV is to be used by interested citizens, who want to know which data sources are available, who owns the sources, in what form, where and how to access these sources. It is especially suitable for the administrators, environment-related and environmental researchers. In other words, the catalogue provides environmental meta-data to their users, helping them to locate and retrieve relevant data sources.

The KPV uses the WinCDS tool developed by the European Environment Agency that is currently being adjusted to Slovenian needs and possibilities. Through the WEB site user can find information on the following environmental topics:
Air, Climate Change, Water, Nature, Noise, Chemicals and Biotechnology, Waste, Energy, Radiations, Industry and the Environment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil, Natural and other Disasters, Legislation, etc.

Searching is enabled by the names of the data sources and by data administrators / contacts. Using advanced search capabilities user can also include keywords from GEMET. By pressing the Thesaurus button user is able to browse more than 5000 environmental terms in English and Slovene language (terms in 20 other languages are added) together with English and Slovene definitions.